October 21st, 2006

Your Devils


Dirty filthy fucking soul inside me. Felt like it was eating me from the inside out. At least I'm healed. At least I can walk without having to grit my teeth and I can sleep on my side without crying.

But I cry anyway.

I chose to take his soul and not David's. I could have felled David. Wouldn't have been right. Would have tasted better.

I could kill him. I've seen his soul and I know what he does. Disgusting excuse for a man. I'm not the only girl. I'm not the only one by far.

I killed Marcel and I made it through that. I could kill him too. They're made of the same thing. Ashes bones lust and evil intentions.
Dance the Ghost with Me

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It's my 18th birthday in 8 days. And all I can think about is how much I want to disappear. I hope going to New York in 4 days helps. I need it. I was reading back in my journal, which frankly was a very very bad idea. But I found this and now I was to kick and scream and hit everything. See, less than a month ago I was talking about how wonderful everything was? How I had everything and this year was so much better than last year?

I was wrong. Everything's been taken.

At least Peter's not a basketcase anymore.
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