October 11th, 2006

Dance the Ghost with Me


Everyone thinks it's so fucking funny that my mother sleeps with my 19 year old bandmate. It's not fucking funny okay? Why does MY mother have to be the slut? Why do I get stuck with the Mam who decides she's still a teenager and she can wear my clothes and take my friends and DATE my BANDMATES! UGH!

I can't believe her. I CAN'T BELIEVE HER!!

She's successful and beautiful and smart and a COMPLETE AND UTTER FUCKING SLUT!

No wonder I want nothing more than to be in a commited relationship. Sure it's with two women, but there's no sleeping around!! And I've only been with two other people besides them and then only once each.

Thank god I am not a fucking ho.
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Change is kinda curly

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Went to see my Mam this morning before classes since today is my afternoony day. Anyway, I said she was a total slut and she said she liked it and I said she had to stop hitting on all my friends. No Peter or David or Thomas or Tamm for her! I don't remember if she hit on Pierre...ANYway, she said fine, but then I have to lighten up. I don't know what she's talking about, I am SO easygoing and not wound up at ALL ;)

Then she gave me tea and socks (don't ASK) and chattered my ear off about Spain. You girls are going to have a fantastic time!! She's planning on throwing down though. Just so you know. If she brings anyone back to the hotel room, you might want to leave for an hour or so, she's kinda screechy.

And with that, I disappear to be wowed by the intellectual genius of one Dr. Baudrillard.
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