October 5th, 2006

Dance the Ghost with Me

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It's my 18th birthday on the 29th and I'm really afraid that certain people won't be with me to celebrate it. Last year I'd just gotten out of a mental hospital and this year the person I respect most kinda belongs there.

Stupid brains being so...breakable.

So much changes in a year. Last year my 'best friend' was a psychotic freak who had me locked up for nothing. This year, I have too many best friends to count. Last year Renee and I were...well. Heh. This year, Renee and Kait and I are so so so happy. Last year I was full of rage and I had no way to understand why. This year I understand myself and how to control myself and calm myself down. Last year I had no family. This year my cousin, mother and brother live here and I have the most amazing family of friends I could have ever asked for. Even if 'Daddy' is a basketcase.

Last year I had nothing. This year I have everything and then some.

So thank you. I don't even need presents, I already have all of you.

Was that mushy, or what?!
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