September 11th, 2006

Drown in you

(no subject) father beat me up again. YAY. (abusing sarcasm here) It's so my fault. Someone tell me why I even let him IN?! I am so exceedingly stupid. He said horrible things too. Like I'm unlovable and he never wanted me and he tried to get Mam to have an abortion (they were both 19 when they got pregnant) but she said no because she wanted me but then she had me and THEN she decided I was worthless and abandoned me with the one person that never wanted me in the first place. Cheery. I'm not unloveable, right?

My father's a fucking arse.

Thank god for Dylan. I know he's 10 but seriously, he's wiser than anyone I've ever met besides Peter. It's fucking freaky in a good way. He even knows how to do first aid because he watched instructional videos. O_O. He cleaned me up and now I look fucking ugly.

And my father spilled my dinner all over the floor too. And it smelled good! Arsefucker!
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