August 31st, 2006

Dance the Ghost with Me

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I just had sex and then made Pierre nachos! Wahey!

Anyway, Peter updatedeyness. Once again the genius nursing staff gave Peter food he coudln't eat for breakfast but Liz was there to help him. I went over there late this afternoon to bring him more food and he said, and I quote, "God, Deirdre, you didn't have to bring me a shopping market" AHHAH I love Peter. Apparently I went overboard! Silly me. But at least he has enough one handed munchies to last forever!

Of course dumbarse me DID bring him noodles which he decided he wanted and then realised he couldn't hold the cup and eat them at the same time. I felt really guilty and then David went to take hold of the cup and he held it for him while Peter ate the noodles out of it and it was so cute, I totally died. Peter was Not Amused because he's all male or whatever. Especially since I kept going "Awwwww!" "Awwwwwwwwwwww!" I got the deathglare YAY ME! I think David just found it extremely funny but he was hiding it as to save his best friend's dignity. Oh right, last night after the nurses FINALLY gave Peter his morphine (and he had a druggasm) he was all high and he informed me about 76 times that David called him his best friend.

OMG is Peter not the cutest man ever in exsistence!? I LOVE HIM! He is still using the elephant sippy cup I bought him hehehhehhehehhee. I only bought it to see if he WOULD. I think I'm kind of evil...

Oh...right and Peter's girlfriend got over her fine self and decided NOT to dump him for getting hit by a car. OOOH GOOD CHOICE! Peter wouldn't shut up about it. So apparently I don't have to kill her, but she'd better watch it!
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