August 28th, 2006


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Whhhhaattttt the fuck?!

I went to the little white post office box in the front like I always do. And in it today was a letter from Dorian. All official and everything. He sent me the deed to his APARTMENT! Apparently he moved back to Edinburgh and he's or something and he said I'd know what to do with it and he couldn't think of anyone he wanted to give it to more. Except I HAVE a house. Excuse me while I-


Thanks. I apparently now have a house and an apartment. They're both IN MY NAME! God. SO..Kali, Justine...I hear you're looking for a place to live...want to live in an amazing loft apartment rent free and have a slightly neurotic redheaded landlady?

Look at me, I'm a property baroness or something.

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Crazy tounge

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I cannot believe I actually SAID THE PHRASE 'I have uncontrollable foodgasms' in front of my sexy professor David while visiting Peter in the hospital (and bringing Pierre and David a chinese feast complete with fortune cookies)

HOW MENTALLY UNSTABLE AM I?! I also said we'd wow the pants off him! Oops...

Classes haven't even started and he already knows how mad I am!

At least I didn't call him Dr. Sexy, KALI! Though I have to admit, it is a proper assessment. (See, not a total lesbian!)

Also...Peter+tube coming out of his windpipe=NOT COOL! No one warned me and I almost fainted. My poor Peter. But according to my so reliable fortune cookie, I'll figure this out. Because cookies always come true in this house.

Mostly because I bake them come true. on words. I'm the punniest.

(I may have lost my mind between the sugar and the mindwracking worry...)
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