June 25th, 2006

Sunlight through Blinds

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Just turned phone on. Apparently 'I can't call anyone' wasn't understood. It did mean everyone. It's a rule, sorry! But I am coming home tomorrow so I will see you all then. Jack is home and Annabelle is hilarious and they did my hair like Leia (pics later) and Avery and I are dancing to Madonna. In undies. We rock. Okay bye!
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I am at the airport. Peter is forcing me to return to London, though with the OBVIOUSLY WARM WELCOME AWAITING MY TRIUMPHANT RETURN.....Oh fuck it. I shouldn't even bother. If y'all really want me to come home, you might try...oh I don't know...being nice? Ooh, there's a thought. Tough one, that.

Can't you all just....calm the hell down? I left for less than a week. I helped my friend. Dancing around in our underwear to Madonna made him happy and NOT suicidal which...OH GOODNESS was the POINT of my travels to South Africa. And darned if I wasn't trying to get across that I was happy with the fact that I think my visit helped in my last post. You don't get as many words when you post from your mobile. So here. I am using words. I left to help my friend deal with a situation caused by someone else. I helped. Me glad. That's why I'm smiling :|

I don't need your snide remarks right now. You know...god...you're making it really hard to see why I should bother.

Open your pretty grey eyes. Look around. Or is it that you can't see past yourself?

Also, rules? Pretty much means no exceptions. Especially not when this was your mess. And no, I can't leave for a half an hour. How am I supposed to do that? I was Taking CARE of someone. "Oh, excuse me, could you just...make sure you don't kill yourself for a half hour or so...I'll be right back. Got to make a quick phone call..."

Yeah that makes sense. I see it now. How silly of me.

I have to go. Last call for my flight. Then again I just might 'accidently' miss it.
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