June 2nd, 2006

Dance the Ghost with Me

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Passed my equivalency exam with flying colours thank you very much!! And last nigth was my first rehearsal for Hamlet (of COURSE it had to be on Renee's first night out and Pierre's birthday. BITCHES!) It was really lovely! I love everything in the cast I think! AND the people from the hair dye commercial called and they want me to screen test tomorrow morning. Brill.


I am so excited.

And Kiora, I think my Dorian might just be your Dorian as well!! We went to his place for drinkies and it was a HUGE warehousy apartmenty lofty thing! Renee got sloshied! (and me a little too)

And then there was girl friendlyness and NOW there is PIE!
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Bruised and Blackeyed


I know Peter said I wasn't allowed to talk to Tasha again because of the almost breaking his arms like dry twigs thing but that was before I then almost killed him and he fixed me.

And when she says things like.... this ...I want her to die a horrible excriciating death. She better leave my friends alone or Peter is going to be very very disappointed in me, Renee will be short a cousin and the world will be a better place.
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