May 30th, 2006

Dance the Ghost with Me

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So the soup people called and they don't want to use me in this commercial, which is okay because hardly anyone gets anything on their first audition, BUT the company that does the casting wants to screentest me for a few other things! Screentesting is a step up kinda I guess! YAY! One is a commercial for hair dye. If they make me dye my hair, I'll DIE. But it's probably for red and I'll just laugh because it's natural, yo!

Evey is in Dublin and all of a sudden the house is quiet. Weird!!!

Someone come make it loud again! :D

Also...I just found out something that connects with something else and uhm...ew. I mean the thing ITSELF is good YAY but the yukky stuff...nevermind. Ahhh being cryptic.
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Breaking Bread with Demons



Thought. Wanna flat hunt? *raised eyebrow* Reckon you could stand to live with me?

If Del moves in with Ry I will kill someone. Pierre would be so sad and I HATE that she fucking ignores his feeling and toys with him the way she does. I mean...I'm sure there's more to it than I know, and Delilah is nice and all poor Pierre. I wanted it to happen and I pushed and it made me happy to see Pierre so happy but it's not like that anymore.

I hate it when he looks so sad.
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Dance the Ghost with Me

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There is a baby and it is in my house.

What the hell do I do!? Oh god...I am going to kill it. And I am nowhere NEAR it! But somehow, I will trip and Jude will walk around the corner and the baby will go flying and die or something.

If anyone wants me, I am hiding with my ghost in the attic.
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