May 24th, 2006

Dance the Ghost with Me

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Happy tuesday morning, everyone! I woke up to a rather lovely homeless person sleeping on my front stoop this morning. I'm not being sarcastic, though, it was Tim and he IS lovely.

I am currently fixing him breakfast and updating my journal because I am the Queen of Multitasking as well as the Goddess or some such silliness and cows.

Rightio. Mmmsausagesandbaconandeggsandpancakes!

Not having to go to school and having the morning to do whatever I want?! Lovely.

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Heh. Wow.

So, Dorian, thanks I guess? Random man calls me up at half past three asking me if I want him to be my agent. I think my response was something like "sigfsda?" or some such unprounouncable nonsensebabble. Which I'm sure made him really comfortbale about representing me. Anyway...turns out he's Dorian's agent and he's gotten Dorian work in commercials and the like. Dorian convinced him he'd want to see me so he is. 9:00 am tomorrow.

I am going to shite a brick. Or 12...

I might be in the fillums! Okay no, but I might be on the telly! ;)

It's all happening like a hurricane and it's all so much and it might just blow me over but what a way to go, eh? Right. Back the thing.
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Bruised and Blackeyed


She might not hate me, but I hate myself, sometimes.


I should just let them be together and Melissa can be with...whoever the hell. Duncun or any number of thousands of people that want her and I can just be me. I'm better just being me anyway.

Let's face it, 'I'm a demon, Liss' probably wasn't a great pickup line. Not that it was SUPPOSED to be, but if she ever actually felt anything, somehow I doubt it survived THAT. BUT SHE DID ASK!

Renee would rip my innards out. And then they'd just heal up and she'd feel bad AND still have to face me..that's no good.


Except I don't.

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Dance the Ghost with Me

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Happy Wednesday Noon!

I have an agent now AND auditions for things already! He said they'll love my hair ;) One is this weekend. I'm terrified! I mean, Hamlet I knew by heart. Not so sure about lalalalabuy this bacon or whatever else. But I am sure I can pull it off. It's all day work so it would be over by rehearsal time in the evenings. Perfect.

I am so happy I may explode.

The agent guy wasn't even creepy or anything, he was really nice! He told me I have to get headshots done and get a resume written up as well as built up. We discussed plans and what I'd like to do and what I haven't done and what I will do lalala. If I would be INTERESTED in doing films or TV spots and the like. I told him I'd be taking University courses in the mornings and he was quite pleased to hear that! I think things are looking awesome.

Now I just need a Renee.

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EDIT: LOOK Nipple...:|

I did teh drknigin...thing
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