May 23rd, 2006

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Right. Not talking about last night.

Today was very good! I spoke to the school AND the university. I'm all dropped out of Regents, my equivalency test is next week, the day BEFORE rehearsals start, and the university has said that pending the results of the test, they would LOVE to have me as a student! And the counsellor at Regents believes that me leaving school to pursue other things is probably in my best interest anyway.

So, that is taken care of! And the equivalency test will be a breeze. Yay I have a future I am excited about!

I spent today with Peter's girls. He wanted to take them ice skating but he's still broken. The silly man won't just SIT and let himself heal. But he wouldn't not go and like hell was I going to let him go out there and slip over and completely break his face or something, so I took them and he watched. Oh..AND he took 8326981075982341 pictures. He loves those girls so much. He smiled for like 3 hours sraight and he looked slightly inhuman.

Even though he's all sad. Peter told me something sad but I don't like to gossip. But it's sad and I feel bad for him.

Uhm...anyway, yes. School, CHECK! Ice Skating, CHECK! And now I want pudding.
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Deliver from sadness

Filtered to Tuesday.

I'm so sorry about what happened, Tuesday. Let me know if you need anything, all right? I am on stand by with ice cream, more chocolate than you can possibly imagine, and movies.