May 22nd, 2006

Deirdre flower

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Forgot everything I said about being tired. I could take on the world now. I am going to be Ophelia in Hamlet! They're putting it on in that lovely old theatre on Regents Street! I am going to get PAID! I've never acted in my life, they're all out of their minds!



And you can all shove your, "she's a one sided character that is uninteresting" opinions. She rocks. I am going to KICK ARSE at the singsongy insane flower scene. I auditioned with it for the first part. It got me a callback.

I am so excited I could explode!

And I met a rather dashing gentleman named Dorian. He's going to be Hamlet.

Now I just have to decide what to do about school....heh.
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Your Devils


She's going to think I'm mental.

Oh well. What have I got to lose?

Oh yes. HER.