May 2nd, 2006

Dance the Ghost with Me

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Been a hectic couple of days. Ry's back. Slink and I made all the boys jealous when we went clubbing.

Jake called to let me know Avery is...okay. And that the party is still going ahead on the 4th. Melissa, do you want to come with me? You have to wear white, it's a Fitzwilliam though. Should be very fun. It's Jack's birthday and Avery hired Placebo. I see you've met Joanne. She can come too, she's lots of fun. Slink and Jude, you're still coming, right?

I need to find a white dress.

Or I could go naked. My pale Irish skin is white enough, right? RIGHT?!


I need to write a letter to Father Peter.
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Dance the Ghost with Me

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I called Peter's sister so I could get his address...he is back in London. And he's not a priest anymore. And he was drunk. DRUNK!


Screw it, I'm going clubbing.
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Some Little Girl

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Clubbing was a bust. Glad I came home early!

Uhm....SO..anyone want to go to Paris on Sunday, the day after Renee's birthday bash? No...I mean for realsies.

Monday is an all school holiday. Something about reports. And I read that Renee's Grandpa is there giving a lecture tour. I want to go find him and ask him to come see Renee. She idolises him and I think it would do her a lot of good. She hasn't seen him since she was really young. I called up her parents to ask about him and they offered to pay for the trip. I think they feel bad about putting Renee where she is FOR NO REASON. Which they should.

So yes. The Trip Is Free. Melissa? Joanne? SOMEONE that speaks French?! Pierre can't go because he has work *laments*


If I end up going alone, I may shite myself...

OOH OOH and don't TELL HER.
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