April 16th, 2006

Dance the Ghost with Me

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Haven't updated in a few days. Which is odd for me because usually I am attached to my laptop by a VERY short leash. But my Mam's in town. We went to see Renee yesterday but we could only stay for a little while. They were ushering her off to therapy. We brought her makeup but they took it away. She hates not being able to make herself up. Not that she needs it because Renee is gorgeous anyway. But that's Renee. We tried to go today but we got turned away at the desk. Tests, they said. Urgh. She's my fucking girlfriend! I need to see her :( And she needs to see me. Well...us. Everyone.

Last night, Father Peter came over. I'm actually really worried about him. He didn't really have a reason to be here, he just...came over. I think something's wrong. But maybe it's just that he has to go back to Austria for a little while and I think he hates it there. Either way, we chatted for a while and then my MOTHER, bless her heart...came on to him hardcore. He had no idea how to handle THAT. And when I told her he was a priest, that just made her MORE excited. She freaks me out! And she was explaining how she and my step dad have an open relationship and sex is sex. WHY does my mother have to talk about sex really a lot?! Parents are supposed to be uptight and tell you to not have sex or you'll die! Either way, she put on this slutty dress and made Father Peter uncomfortable. But I made her change back into her tracksuit. And then, as he was leaving, Peter said quietly to me "Women my age are crazy."

Amen, Father Peter. Amen.

Went to Melissa's party. It was a lot of fun. I got to meet her friends, namely Veronica who was a blast. Pierre came with me and spent the entire time eating and chatting up girls. Ah, Pierre. He has a French accent, which I believe drives the ladies nuts (I know it gets me). I hope he picked up!

Jude's disappeared again. I don't know what to do about it. Slink, are you still sick? I can make the best 'get well' chicken soup?! It's easy on urpy tummies.

I'm going out to all the 25% off Easter Egg Sales to buy my girlfriend shiteloads of chocolate. Anyone want to accompany me? I know they'll be 50% off after Easter...I'm going then too. If I can't give Renee...things...I shall give her chocolate. It's pleasure either way.
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