March 30th, 2006


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Ask me a question about each of the following:
1. Friends
2. Sex
3. Music
4. Drugs
5. Love
6. Livejournal
No matter how confidential then post this in your LJ. I just wanna see how many people are willing to do it is all.

I can't think of things to ask people, but if you ask me, I'll ask you.

Also...I worried about Avery. I mean...I've BEEN worried but it's been so long...should we maybe go look for him? Organise a search...SOMEthing?!
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Dance the Ghost with Me

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I...I honestly can't remember when I have been THIS deliriously happy....and I feel guilty about it because so many people I love are in pain and I can't help. But I guess....'I can't help' is the main point there. I will help when it is my time. Just tell me, and I'll be there in a second.

Melissa came over last night and Slink and Jude and Liss and I had THE most fun. We tickled and partied and applesauced and talked and giggled and had pillowfights and girly bonding and it was wonderful. Melissa just fit in so well. And I felt so...complete. It was fantastic. And I was in my underwear. You know you love it.

Renee came over this evening. We talked and I made her dinner because she loves that. Everything feels so natural with her again and there isn't any weirdness. We just had a nice time. And that is wonderful. And of course, we fed Pierre our leftovers. He was waiting for them. Like a puppydog. Socute. Then Renee and I went to my room and talked more. About everything. I told her about Melissa and last night being silly and how I can stop pretending to be happy. We talked about her Scarlett. We talked about jelly. Everything. Then Pierre joined us because he is Pierre. We ended up lying in a circle on the floor, the cats on top of me and the puppies jumping over us, just..being. I can't imagine a more perfect evening for us to have.

On Sunday, I am going to Cape Town with my Boys. I am not quite sure when I will be back, but hopefully they will come back with me when I do. I love my Boys. And soon after I get back, or sometime, Renee and I are going to France so she can meet her grandfather. I have never met mine and I know if they aknowledge my exsistence, I'd march up there and meet them. And she idolises him. She deserves to know him. He'd be so proud of her. And I want her to show me where she grew up. Show me where she and Kait and Libby went to school. Show me where she met Pierre. Everything. It will be wonderful.

And I...I have a quiz to study for. And Dennis is currently sitting in my corner pulling things out of my wastepaper basket. Uncool, Doofus. Uncool.

EDIT: HAHHAHHAAA....thank you, Dennis! He pulled today's Star out of the bin and I went over to throw it away again and I saw something I missed. Celebrity Quotes. Brilliant.

"I am working on my clothing line. What's it like? It's like...what I wear."~Paris Hilton (No, REALLY!? You WEAR clothes?! All this time, I've been eating off of them. Thanks, Paris!)

"The kind of guy I am looking for would want to wear Spongebob Squarepants pyjamas and sit in the front row of the school play."~Sharon Stone. ( want to date a 7 year old?)
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