March 20th, 2006

Dance the Ghost with Me

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Got my Dylan Moran DVD. Anyone want to come over for some lovely Irish Comedy!?

Also...I made a trifle. Why did I make a trifle? Because I did. It's alcoholly. But that's alll in the bottom. And custardy and fruity. How could you say no!? It's HUGE and in a see through cake thingy. You can see LAYERS!! Loots of layers!

The Boys are coming soooon! *wiggles* I love the Boys! I am going to bake them sooooo many biscuits! And cakes! I shall make them FAT! A happy kind of fat. Did you bring Jack the cat, Jake? I love his little face!

Wow, I am a bit hyper. A bit buzzy. It's nice to know you did something to make a difference. And a difference I definitely made!

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Some guy named Russell just sent me a 360 degree video file. Of his CAR. I don't KNOW anybody named Russell!! And even if I did, I wouldn't want to see his 360 degree video of his PENIS METAPHOR!! Go have your midlife crisis elsewhere, I don't care!

I am afraid. Very afraid. I don't even drive my OWN car, why are random men sending me pictures of theirs!? Do they think I want a Sugar Daddy? No thanks! Unless it's Father Peter I should send him back a 360 degree view of my wastepaper basket or my toilet and say, "This is what I think of your car, dickface, go hump a camel or something." Get it? Camel? Hump?!

I may have had too much trifle...
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