March 1st, 2006

Your Devils

Private-Now filtered to those in the know

No way in hell is this public but I have to write it SOMEwhere.

I was in the bathroom TRYING to open a new toothbrush, and like all new toothbrushes, it would not open. I got pissed. My eyes turned BLACK! Jesus. Just like his did. Owen was right. My eyes ARE off. Does this happen all the time?! Every single time I get annoyed or pissed?! Well, it'll cut down on people cutting me in line, I guess.

Maybe because I am starting to like this, it's starting to come out more. Not cool!

So then, I cut myself with a razor. I waited for it to heal and it didn't. I was disappointed but then I went downstairs to see Pierre and he got dizzy and sat down. I looked at my arm and the cut was gone. I didn't even DO anything. Pierre was fine 5 seconds later and we had takeaway and a pretty good time.

Does this mean that I did the same thing to someone else the other night? WHo did I do it to then? Renee was fine and so was Pierre. I'll have to remember to ask Renee if her parents or sister were in the house.

God...what the hell is happening to me?

I'm a freak :|
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Dance the Ghost with Me

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Been singing all day. It's lovely! I actually got up the courage to sing as I walked home through the park! Sure people gave me weird looks, but they can't hurt me! I can't get over how much self confidence I have! It's nice :) Though Rammstein keeps coming up on my playlist and that's not so good for my voice. Heh. OH yay, Sarah MacLachlan! Possession is a pretty song.

Now I am bored, and while singing loudly is entertaining the entire house I am SURE...I want to DO something! I want to go be wild...or something teenagery. I don't know how to be a teenager, HELP!

Screw School Nights! (I can't believe I said that)
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Cute hi!


Because Alex is a genius, this party is dedicated to him!

Fancy Dress Party This Weekend!!! My house, 213 Victoria Lane! 7:00 Saturday Night!!

Bring...EVERYONE!! And your own bevvies!! Though I'll provide munchies and entertainment and strawberry champagne cocktails!!! And COME DRESSED UP!!!!

Please RSVP Here!

And come, it'll be lots of fun!!! I should get a band....;)

PS Sorry for the Spam

EDIT: Does anyone KNOW a band? I'll pay them. If not, I suppose the crappy stereo eqipment my dad bought will have to do. And lots of CDs!
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