February 24th, 2006

Deliver from sadness

Friends Only-Not Viewable to Kait, Scar, Pierre or Renee

I haven't seen my new housemate in a few days. CAAASSSSSSSS!? Where are yyyoouuuu?! I want to hang out! I'll make you food!

Ahem. I should stop acting like a desperate schoolgirl. Though really...I am. Why?

Because my father is back. I'm fucking sick of hiding it. He's back. But he's in jail. And I got a restraining order. I didn't tell anyone because I thought if I didn't, I could stop it from being real. But I'm only hurting myself if I do that. And Owen knew anyway... So...there you have it.

I'm sure everything will be fine. And I know he can't get me HERE. That's way too obvious. Plus, Jamis is here, and I think Jamie scares the shit out of him. No, he'd find me elsewhere.

Do I sound crazy and paranoid? I probably am. But at the moment he is locked away and I am safe.

Just...take care of me? Please? I've been doing it alone and I can't anymore. It's too hard.