January 27th, 2006

Why are you haunting me?

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Jude!!! Please talk to us!

We miss you. I miss you.

Ugh, things suck. I still want a dog, but I think I should wait until I don't want to kill things again. Good idea, Deirdre.

I cleaned my room finally, but it still is bothering me. Yep, time for a paint job again. And redecoration. At least I'll have a project. Projects are good.

I was writing my paper for British Literature last night after I cleaned. I was writing it on Desdemona since I love Othello. Anyway I put it aside on my desk and fucking Dennis knocked a candle onto it! I noticed right away and put the fire out, but it burned the top of the page including my title and now it just says "demona".

Really funny, Dickface.

I used to like Dennis, but right now he's pissing me OFF! He won't fucking leave me the hell alone and it is really distracting. Why NOW!? Go bug someone else, you dead fruitcake.

Urgh. Some people and their ghosts.

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