January 9th, 2006

Change is kinda curly

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The world has gone crazy. Avery is getting twinkle shorts. That....freaks me out.

School started today. Uuggahaha. That is all I have to say.

Photography class tomorrow, with Renee and Jude, and then after school, Pierre gets here! I am so excited! Everyone should come meet Pierre, he's a hoot and a half. Or we could bring him to Dante's to meet everyone. Let me know!

It also sounds like Owen and Pilot are moving soon. That'll be sad, because they both kick major arse, but they'll be happier on their own, I am most sure. I'll miss Bamii and Pemwell too! The cats won't. They're elitist bitches. The cats, not the dogs. Or Pilot and Owen.

ANYWAY. SO much is happening and I got a call to do another runway show soon as well. It's not style.com but I'm still excited ;)

Oh god, if Pilot and Owen go, the rent will go up. Murgh. Eh, I'll just let the people who pay me for being a sad little loner with no parents know that and see if they'll give me more money! Though the modelling should help too, if it picks up. Everything seems to work out allright anyway. And they so deserve to be alone and happy with everything they've dealt with.

Okay, I need to stop freaking myself out.

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