January 4th, 2006

Dance the Ghost with Me

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My Mam finally left. It's not like she was here much anyway. She was always out during the day, taking photos and buying 'London Things' whatever that means. But yes, today one of the Triplets of Terror called her with a hangnail or something, so she had to go attend to her little babies. Ugh. I wonder if I called and was near death, if she'd come then?

Still, she's going to visit again in a little while, or so she says. Maybe she can actually meet Jamie then. She was supposed to this time, but hangnail duty calls.

School again soon. Am I the only nerd that is really looking forward to it?

And pretty soon, Renee's best friend Pierre will be visiting too. So much is happening. It is all very exciting.

But I'll be damned if something doesn't feel off.
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