November 15th, 2005

Dance the Ghost with Me

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Happy November 14th!

I am giddy!

Modelling at the Uni has been going wonderfully. They are so cute and professional about it. And I get to swan about, which is always nice. It's fun to wear the weird shit they come up with. I am sure that it makes me look like I am wearing a muumuu someone vomited on, but why not?

Renee is gorgeous. I bought her a present but she doesn't get it til' she gets home *smiles deviously*

My therapist man is finally easing up and now I only have to go in twice a week. It makes scheduling things much easier. They're still weighing me like mad and I have gained a few kilos which is good. I feel so much better, which is odd because I didn't really realise I felt bad before.

Life is silly. I have decided.

Now if my father can just STAY in America, everything will be fine....

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