November 8th, 2005

Dance the Ghost with Me


Things have been so so wonderful.

I told myself I would steer clear of the internet while I got caught back up in my classes. I have now achieved this, so I can post again.

I got out of that clinic on the Friday. October 28th to be exact. I am still going there everday for a conselling session, which I HATE. And my father has elluded arrest, since he hasn'tbeen here yet. I'm just hoping that word doesn't REACH him that he has a warrant out for him. Eugh.

My birthday was great. We partied and talk and ate and ate. And then Renee and I had a LOVELY reunion, thank god.

It's been soooooo good between us. Really. Really really good.

*happy sigh*

And I might be able to stop going to the clinic soon. That would make me quite happy.

Also, I go in to my first Modelling session with the Uni after therapy today.

That was a weird sentence...

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