October 19th, 2005

Dance the Ghost with Me

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I am feeling a bit better this morning. I talked to Jamie and we kinda worked stuff out. And I got to take the morning off of school. I think sleeping in was a good idea. Renee came to my room last night. We didn't talk, but she fell asleep there. I think we both just need the closeness. And after tossing and turning, wandering the house, and resolving things with Jamie, I got a little sleep too. Though it WAS a bit weird to wake up this morning and find Renee gone. I guess she went to class. At least I HOPE she went to class...

I tried to eat breakfast, but all I managed was half a grapefruit. I like eating it because it's sour, and acidic. But the toast I made myself just looked so...wrong.

Half a grapefruit is better than nothing right?

I can see the light at the end of the tunnel, and tonight, if Renee comes to my room, I am not staying silent. I am going to talk to her. I am going to see if we can help each other. Because I want her. I do.

Talking to Jack about normal things in the comments helps too. It's just nice to talk to someone who ISN'T upset with me or having issues with me. It's normal and not stressful. Even if it IS about inbreeding tigers. I liked the part about girlyboys more.

I sigh again, and hope that this bleakness will be soon at it's end.

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Dance the Ghost with Me

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I ended up staying away from class all day today. I started to go there, but felt sick and only got as far as the stairwell. So I took a nap. In the middle of my bedroom floor. I didn't quite make it to the bed. Heh. Don't know if it could be called passing out, nor do I care.

I looked at the news today, because I decided I've been too cut off, and I see that Saddam Hussain's lawyer is trying to get a 3 month adjournment for his trial for crimes against humanity. I didn't even know that trial hadn't happened yet. Seriously though, who would want the job of being Saddam Hussain's lawyer.

I guess someone's got to do it.

And there are more hurricanes and lots of badness.

I should never look at the news again.
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