August 25th, 2005

The Ability to render grown men, Lady in Red

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SO MUCH has happened in the last like...30 hours! Pilot finally made it, and we found out he'd been called back to Germany and that's why he wasn't here last Wednesday. I was just relieved that everythign was alright. So we moved him in, and then went shopping so he could change his room, because my father thinks that WHITE! is a good colour for everything. AUgh. Pilot bought this purple paint called "Royalty" which cracks me up, and he pointed out some lovely bright/light blue paint for me. I am glad I am painting my room, because the stupid gray my father had it as is helliboring. AND I am going to use his best sheets to protect my stuff when painting, so ALL THE PAINT drips all over them! I love being evil! We also bought some food for the house and I found out Pilot is a vegan, which is awesome. I wish I had stronger morals!!

Ooh and Pilot brought the most GORGEOUS dog, Bamii. He's a black lab and I love him. The cats haven't made up their mind yet, but they haven't hid or run up a tree yet, so I guess that's fine.

And then, Pilot went out to stroll around the area and I made a milkshake. And Pilot came back with....OWEN! I've only met him a few times in school but I'd been so worried. I knew that he and Pilot were together and I'd been..well...wondering what happened. Poor Owen looked so sick. But he and Pilot are back together, so that's good. Owen is going to live here too. He's been sleeping for a long time, which is probably good. Eventually we can decide if he's going to share a room with Pilot, or if he wants to take the office (this room) even if it doesn't have a private bath like the other bedrooms do. We could also get rid of the 'rumpus' room downstairs as we don't need a rumpus room AND a living room. But that's up to them.

I hope Owen gets better fast :|

I am really excited that so many people live here. I've spent my WHOLE life with first just my mother and my father, and then just my father, and then pretty much just me. It's so weird that there's always soemone to talk to or help you. I really really love it.

And last night with Renee was....really really wonderful. But I'm keeping that to myself ;)


EDIT: My father's ex-assistant called. My emancipation came through, so I am officially allowed to reside by myself (oh good..) and I will be getting money from the government, which means I have to open my own bank account. Joy, Rapture.
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Dance the Ghost with Me

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Renee just gave me a WHOLE bunch of her old clothes and wow. Now I have all these short skirts and see through tops, and I am wondering how Renee is ever WARM because all her clothes are so...small! Or see through..

She said I dressed too conservatively. Actually I think she said something like "You've got it, flaunt it!" but that was the point anyway. I guess I'll try this out...

Either way, it'll be good if we actually do all go out like Avery wants to!! That would be lovely, I so want to see everyone all dressed up!

And I bet there are several people who would be quite amused to see me drunk...since I've only done THAT 2 times.

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