August 12th, 2005

Dance the Ghost with Me

Well then...

So, I was at work. I worked an early shift today, just 6 am until 1 pm. And I was just about to go home, when one of my father's assitants shows up and says we need to talk. I wasn't really interested in speaking to one of my father's assitants, since I really want nothing to do with him anymore, but I'm glad I did. Though I pity the loser because he was too much of a nellie to come talk to me himself.

Moving on. Literally. It turns out my father is moving to the US for up to 2 years. He gave me the most ridiculous letter.

Deirdre, (no dear!)

In light of our recent altercation, I have accepted a temporary position in the a branch of my company located in the United States. The position is for a maximum of two years. If, in that time, you wish to live in the house located on Victoria Lane, you may certainly do so. My job will still require me to travel, and I am expected to deliver a presentation to the London firm every quarter. While I am in London, I can assure you that I will make no attepmt to visit the Victoria Lane house without your permission. The house is paid for in full, though you will have full responsibility of paying for any bills and utilities aquired while in residence. Once my time at the US firm is over, I will be moving back to London. At that time, we will decide whether you would like to keep the Victoria Lane house, or find somewhere else to reside.

Please inform my assistant of your intentions.


Liam Gallagher.

Lovely isn't it? Not 'Love, Daddy.' *sigh* BUT I did tell his snivelling little assistant man that I wanted the house. I love that house and I've been missing it. AND my ghost. No way in hell will I be able to afford it want a place to live? ;) It has 4 bedrooms. It's bigger than Jamie's flat, as it was origionally 4 flats or a fourplex that he renovated into one big one.

I was reading your journal, Renee and Jamie left this comment

Oh, by the way, my offer stands. I know you need to be on your own but if it doesn't work out or you can't find what you want or whatever happens, if you find yourself needing somewhere to stay or find living by yourself not to be all its cracked up to be... Ok, stop babbling and get to the point. If you need a place to crash for awhile and don't want to go home, you are welcome at my place. If it is a prolonged stay, I have that 3rd room that I could move my computer out of and put up a bed for you to crash on and you could use it as your room. I would be open to discussing someday all 3 of us picking out some place and moving in together. Doesn't have to be tommorrow or even this year, but it also could be those things. just something to keep in mind. I would suggest moving into mine but I have learned my lesson that people seem to keep thinking of it as "my place" despite my best efforts. It was just a flat, she made it a home and you would do the same. But y'all would do that in a new place too so if it makes you two feel more comfortable... *shrug*

So a bigger place with enough rooms for all three of us and an extra room (with an already established study) has just fallen into our laps. There would be no problems with me not feeling at home. And it has a lovely little garden. And it's located close to Regents. Just let me know your thoughts. I'm attempting to draw a floor plan, but my stunted artist skills are making it quite difficult. If I manage it, I'll post that too ;)

Oh and I am off of work now (obviously) so any certain people that feel like dropping round for any certain things are certainly welcome to do so ;)


EDIT: Snivelly man called again. He is going to guide me through the process of getting emancipated from my father so I can legally live without a legal guardian or something like that. It all sounds a bit like gobbledygook to me, BUT it means I'll be getting monetary support from the government! Sounds just fine. I doubt it will be much, but hey, if it means one less shift at Vincenza's then consider me a happy camper...a happy emancipated camper!
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