May 31st, 2005

Dance the Ghost with Me

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I went to the poetry reading at Dante's last Friday. Boy was I impressed. It's nothing like my own little no name poetry bar! (I think it's called "Cheap Coffee"...:| ) Renee was amazing. I was so impressed. She has this lyrical voice. I could just listen all day long! Afterwards we went back to her house and had a ball.

Saturday was boring, and I studied, but Sunday my dad came back, and gave me about 500 quid. He confuses the hell out of me. He screams at me, then buys me a piccolo. He 'forgets' to leave me money, and then he leaves me far more than I could spend in a month. He drives me mad. I put the money in the bank, where it belongs. No more ramen for Deirdre if he pulls that 'Oh I forgot' trick again. Arse.

I went through some of my old photos and I scanned some, so I have some new icons. My hair doesn't look as blinding in these, as they were all taken by my Mam, and she turned the colour down a bit. I still look pale as hell. But you can see me looking more natural, as this time she didn't plaster me with orange eyeshadow and too much blusher to be realistic.

Wow, I am boring. And I have a stupid maths assignment that has me whiny. Boy do I hate vectors.

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