May 11th, 2005

Dance the Ghost with Me

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No more news on the ghost front. I think I'll give up for now until I can take time to go to the public library on Saturday. Would anyone like to come and look up my ghost with me?

How come Dylan Moran isn't currently doing a stand up tour? He's hilarious. I watched some of the third series of Black Books last night as opposed to reading. I love him. I might be biased because he's Irish, though. But he's so adorably disgusting. I love it.

Father is coming back tonight. I wonder if he'll stay at home for 24 hours THIS time. Actually I think last time it was more like 21.5 hours. But who's counting? Sometimes I wonder if he's not off having some wonderful affair of off with a second family like you sometimes read about in stories or the newspaper, but then I realise that he didn't have the attention span for one family, I doubt he could manage two. Besides, I wouldn't be that lucky. Wow...if he did have another family, that would be two parents with children they are more interested in than me. Hmm.

I plan on avoiding the hallways at school. Well I obviously can't ignore them, but I plan on spending as little time as possible in them, to reduce the possibility of running into certain people. I am pathetic.

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