May 10th, 2005

Dance the Ghost with Me

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It appears that I am an idiot. Everyone else knew Clydai's game. Why didn't I see it coming? Still I find brooding boring, so I think I'll get over it quickly and have myself a nice pamper night where I indulge in far too many kilojules. Like ice cream. And a latte with double flavouring and made from full cream milk.

I have been baking biscuits for about 6 hours now. This is what I do instead of brood. I do things. Like a crazy person. I already finished a project that isn't due for 2 weeks. It was only assigned a few days ago.

God I am dumb.

But I got my revenge. Should I be happy or sad or should I feel used or what? I'll go with confused.

Anybody want homemade biscuits. I have tonnes.

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Dance the Ghost with Me

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It seems I started a fight! I didn't mean too! I'm afraid to read because reading doesn't make noise, and when it's quiet I might hear the ghost. I haven't heard him in days now so I'm nervous about when I will next. And I'm a bit scared of it too. So I've been doing loud things, or blaring music when I haven't. But I can't read and listen to music at the same time. Eugh. Maybe reading isn't such a good idea. Wire in the Blood reruns it is.
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