April 24th, 2005

Dance the Ghost with Me

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Got a letter from my mam. It's a bit unexpected. She usually just send them for birthdays. But it says she's coming to visit in a few weeks. Well, she's going to be in town for a show, but she might as well visit. She's a photography teacher, but she takes photos on the side, and some of her photos are going to be displayed somewhere in London. That should be neat. And she want to take me to dinner sometime when she's here.

Jamie went with me and we bought a new cat. He's adorable. Though Maeve isn't sure what to think of him quite yet. He's a older kitten, and he has way too much energy. She just gives him looks as if to say "Oh please, you worthless Child." She'll warm up to him. I haven't decided what to name him yet. I guess I'll figure it out, but if you have suggestions, by all means tell me.

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Keep in mind I gave the kitten a bath and dried him off in my father's precious blue towels. I enjoyed that. Then I took that photo in his office. He doesn't even like Maeve IN there, let alone being all wet and shedding. I made sure to leave fur all over his office chair. Made me feel good.

Time to find something to eat. Or take a nap. Yes, a nap sounds better.