April 20th, 2005

Dance the Ghost with Me

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Thanks to artemisofluna for my page layout. I know nothing of computers really, so she helped me out. Also, she made fun of me for being so 'formal'. I was just writing like I would write in my paper journals. I suppose the internet is supposed to be a place where you are informal. I'll try to keep that in mind.

My father is still gone. He was going to come back today, to be here for my first day at Regents. I doubt he remembered. That's just fine with me, however. I prefer it when I get the flat to myself. It means I can cook whatever I want, and then I can sing loudly or play my piccolo, and it doesn't disturb anyone. He's away so often, that it's like having a place all to myself. A big place that is recently redecorated! I'm glad to get out of the flat that we'd been living in while this one was being worked on. That was a dump. But this is lovely. Maeve the kitty is quite happy as well. I may have to buy her an accomplice since my lovely Sebastian died. I think she's lonely. She's not the only one.

There's a lovely park nearby that I hadn't ever explored before. So I went out walking. It's very cold! I found a coffee shop nearby too, and a used bookstore. It was closed when I walked past, but I will certainly be dropping in there soon!

I suppose that's all for now. I'll write about school when I get home.

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Dance the Ghost with Me

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My first day at Regents was actually really good. It started off a bit daunting, but it ended nicely. Only 2 of my teachers aknowledged my presence, which was nice. I didn't have to get up in front of everybody and give "My name is Deirdre and I come from..." speeches. I just acted like I'd always been there. The only class I'm worried about is Maths. I always have to study so hard to get good marks in maths classes. I can see my 'social life' being non exsistent. Not that I have one of those, but I might have to give up Poetry Readings around exam time.

And then after my last class, I ran into this guy. He was VERY attractive. Well, I guess we ran into each other. Either way his name is Jake and we talked. I actually talked to someone I'd just met. I never do that. I was very proud of myself. He plays football and he watches rugby practise. He seemed interested in poetry readings too, but he may have just been being polite. Either way, I really liked talking to him. But silly me didn't ask him to come with me to a reading. And I didn't ask to go watch rugby practise either. Why am I so stupid?

On my way home, I ran into Jamie, who is another new student at Regents. I was feeling empowered I guess, because I initiated a conversation. I mean,with Jake it took running into each other to force me to talk. With Jamie, I walked up to him. I talked first. I think being here is good for me. But yes, I was feeling stupid about not asking Jake to do something, so I asked Jamie to come over. It's not like anyone else would be here. We had a really nice time. Jamie is from America, so we talked about that a little. He was fascinating. We're actually neighbors, which makes me very happy. I know people around me! People that aren't only interested in their money and their posessions. I think Jamie and I are going to walk to school together tomorrow. Maybe I'll invite him in again. We'll see!

Maeve is currently chewing on my sock. She's a naughty feline! And I wouldn't think that would taste good. She must be very bored and lonely. Maybe I'll buy a kitten this weekend. To keep her company. Then Maeve can chew on it. It would taste better than a sock.

I wish I hadn't thought that.

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