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Well, here we are, Kiddies. The tail end of the tour. Only two more shows...

Sun June 1st - Tampa, FL - Ruth Eckerd Hall
Wed June 4th - San Juan, Puerto Rico - Coliseo of Puerto Rico

We're in Florida and it's beautiful. Spectre's birthday was on the 30th, and we had a fantastic time celebrating and drinking fruity drinks with brightly coloured umbrellas in! Well, Spectre did. Mostly I drank root beer. Oh my god I am addicted. And I've been downing vitamin C by the bucketload because if I get Mikael's cold, I warned him I would eviscerate him. And I can't not follow through on a threat! I still got two shows I have to sing! No sniffles allowed!!

And there is a prank war going on between Flynn and I, but I cannot divulge the idiosyncrasies thereof. Let it just be known that if he shows up bald at the Puerto Rico show, HE BROUGHT IT UPON HIMSELF!!!

(Happy birthday, Dylanface ZOMG twelve!)

Florida agrees with me...

Even if I did get lost on this rock and instead of helping me up, Flynn took pictures. Bastard!

Backstage, looking orange HUZZAH!

Here's more of that photoshoot you don't get to see the actual photos from 'til later!

I do not know why they put me in a big weird head.

But 'making of' shots are always fun! Two thumbs up for fucking weird heads!

Ahahhaha yeah. That's ME!

Is it me, or is she going to poke my eyes out through those holes?

And I'll leave you with this. Muahahhahhahaha!
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