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God...this tour is already half over. Fuckin' weird. There's still dates left though!!

Sun May 18th - Albany, NY - The Armory
Tues May 20th - Boston, MA - Orpheum Theater
Wed & Thurs May 21st & 22nd - New York, NY - Terminal 5
Mon May 26th - Washington DC - DAR Constitution Hall
Tues May 27th - Richmond, VA - The National
Wed May 28th - Atlanta, GA - Tabernacle
Fri May 30th - Miami, FL - The Fillmore
Sat May 31st - Orlando, FL - Hard Rock
Sun June 1st - Tampa, FL - Ruth Eckerd Hall
Wed June 4th - San Juan, Puerto Rico - Coliseo of Puerto Rico

We're here in Albany now! It's lovely and Flynn is quite hyper because he gets to see his boyfriend on Wednesday. I get to see my girlfriends too! And then we have a lovely break with them before heading to Washington DC! I can't wait to go there, I want to see everything. I'm all Irish, so it's really nice to get a chance to see a place with so much history that isn't British. Well it...was. But it isn't anymore!!

I do have pictures today! Though not as many, because we've been so busy eating Wheat Thins. And playing concerts and stuff. And those Opeth boys still have my naughty thingy. They're trying to make me frustrated. I got them back by flitting around in the halls in a bikini. Being one of the only women on tour is fun!

I know. It's so awesome it defies categorization! Brraaaiiinnnnssss!

Flynn took this. I don't know why it's cool. It just is.

Well don't I just look...high or something.

One of my tattoos. For my girlz!

Okay, NO ONE could look at that coat and not want it.

Not so sure about the hat though. Timothy bought it in Ohio...

Well!! This is what happens when Timothy walks in and finds me doing something questionable. With a camera! Dootidooooo.

Aidhsaufs he's such a hunk, dear god. And what's more, he really doesn't know...

And yes, this is his 'humouring Deirdre' face. Lots of people make faces like this at me! I don't know why!!! ;)

OH those clothes. Flynn, you are dashing. I don't care what you say!! And yes. These photos were put up directly to entice Quinn. Muuahahahhaaa!
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