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Seattle owns my SOUL

Seattle ♥

I went on a ferry ride to Bainbridge Island where I had a blast exploring for a little while. Ferries are so fun!! I love this place! Tonight we're going to check out the troll under the Aurora bridge and then we're going to a really nice seafood place on the pier. I can't wait to have crabs, hahahhahaha! You know you love me...

And looky who's playing the WaMu tomorrow!!

God I love this city.

It's gorgeous. That's Mt Rainier. I love it. I haven't been this entranced with a place since Glasgow, and since then I have become rather UNenamoured with some aspects of that place...

Look, look how awesome! That's the space needle! It so kicks arse.

This is me, marrying the ocean... Okay my mam took this photo months ago, BUT IT APPLIES!

The venue is near the waterfront so we all went to Pike Place Market which is AWESOME. I bought SO many pressies there! And there's a crazy doughnut guy...he's...crazy...

PS this is Flynn being a tortured artist...

LOOK AT IT! You could spend forever in there and never see everything... There's like 5 levels, yo.

The fishmongers! They throw fish and like...sing and stuff! They crack me up! And they have this monkfish...

See? And they have a string attached to the tail? And they pull it so it looks like it's thrashing? Almost had a heart attack, I shit you not. And Flynn died laughing but they got him later. Punk.

AHAHHAHAH yeah, thats right! See Monkeyfish in background?!

Flynn was afraid of those fishmongers after they scared him so he went here to buy a fish. And he made a friend!

And then his boyfriend called him. Awwwww look at his FACE!

Hehehehe I'm like a stalker!

Watch as I paparazzi his arse!

Okay he noticed me and he's like WTF Deirdre!?

I...have no idea what he's doing there... Breakin' out some Stooges moves or something. STOOGE-FU!

And then someone called out his name and it turned out to be someone who had come to Seattle for the concert tomorrow.

So they had an adorable little chat. Keep in mind? There is a fish in Flynn's pocket.

That is all.
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