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'Ohai' is a place in California

So what if it's spelled 'Ojai'. It's PRONOUNCED OHAI! And if you accidentally say the 'j', you get mocked. By metal musicians...

I'm in LA! Helloooooo, Silicon Valley!

Yes, I DO know 'Silicon Valley' is actually San Fransisco and it has to do with computer chips, but I mean a different kind of silicon...

Anyway, the weather is pleasant here! SUNNY but not hot, which is good :D The Mexico gig was awesome. I love everyone we're touring with, they're incredible. Singing with Dream Theater is just....well...indescribable.

I have an 'S' on my face, entirely made of glitter!! Flynn did it. It stands for 'Spectrette'. Or 'Saucy' as one of the DT boys suggested...

Outside on the balcony! We're all high aAHAHHAHAHHAA... (Don't do drugs) The 'S' on my face there just makes me look like a dirty girl...

My new jumpsuit! It reminded me of Lavinia! Juicy, BABY!

Awwww, Flynny!

Timothy were having lunch and I went away to take random pictures and this little girl totally stole my chair. I think she was fascinated by their accents. Anyway, see how Flynn looks slightly confused?

And this is them looking for the child's mother. The girl was unperturbed. Turned out the mum was in the toilets and the father was supposed to be watching the girl, but he was reading the paper. No harm done, she made some new friends (and ate all my chips!)

Spectre. Doing a rather spot-on impersonation of Derek Sherinian...

I think now he's doing 'tea kettle'. Isn't he lovely! Signing a guitar!

The Master at work!

Next show Friday! I can't wait!
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