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Public once again

Hello, Rockstars!! Finishing off my part on the EP re-release was wonderful! I think you're going to love it even more than the original! This band kicks so much arse. And the charity concert was wonderful, thank you so much to everyone who showed up to make it the remarkable night it was. I met a lot of you afterwards, but I wanted to say it here too. Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

Some people close to me have suffered greatly this week. So, my heart goes out to them, and anyone else affected by London's cloud of fear. I do believe, dear ones, that our time of darkness is over. So let's be brave and move on. Always, of course, remembering that good things still exist in this world. Here are some of mine. And also, shameless picspamming of myself because you know you love it.

My genius brother Dylan. No, really...he's a genius... He has a better vocabulary than most of the 40 year olds I know.

This is my step-daddy! Hi, Finian!!

And this is Finn with my friend Quinn at his wedding!! Finian's wedding to my mother, not Quinn's wedding. But Quinn is Flynn's boyfriend but this is before they got back together! Quinn...Flynn...Finn. Holy crap. You Irish men and your rhyming nicknames...

It's my mummy!!! She looks like me here... Or I look like her WHATEVER.

Evey and her boss Mr A! Head on down to Apocalypse Records and All Your Base! Deirdre Rose says!!

I can has sunshine!!

Uhm...he isn't actually related to me, but he's LIKE my big brother, so I'm adding him in and y'all can DEAL. Plus, he's hot so there.

Yeah...I feel a lot like that.

My mummy is a photographer who apparently likes taking pictures of people in alleyways...

Deirdre no likey cigarettes...

I just included this one because I LOVE THIS BAG!!

I is evils?!

Deirdre must be emo!!!

Getting ready for the charity concert with Johan. That was right before we went on, eeeiiii!

This is mine. And y'all can't have it. Well, Renee and Kait can have it, BUT NO ONE ELSE!

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