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Livejournal just ATE my entry!! URGH!

I said that I wonder why sometimes I fly off the handle like that. Like I can't control it. I am sucha bitch. But it doesn't matter because it's over.

Pilot and Owen are moving tomorrow and Ry is moving in and SO much is happening. I need a night to just calm down. Dante's anyone?!

I walked to a bookstore on my way home and I bought a pack of celtic tarot cards. They are so pretty. I haven't used them yet, but I was giving them a bit of a shuffle and the damn devil card kept falling out. Stupid hands not big enough for shuffling!! Anyway, once I start to use them, hopefully the devil card will have had it's fun and stay out of my spreads! I guess, unless it's relevant...which is would be...ANYway, Renee and I might have a go with them tomorrow. We'll see.

Herbert George just sprung a leak!!

That is a scary sentence for those of you not in the know. Herbert George is my teddy bear. I've had him forever. He's very old and a seam just burst, spreading stuffing everywhere! I'll have to perform emergency surgery, excuse me ;)

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