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So. London. Yes, I'll talk about it publicly. Once upon a time, meaning two years ago, I went to London College. I started there after a transfer from my secondary school in Eltham. I think about the people I met there. And just...we were so young. I don't speak to most of them, save the ones I ended up living with and the one I fell in love with. But when I think of that kind of thing happening when we were there, I breaks me. It breaks me now. That was my school. That was their school. How dare someone go in there and take away their lives? It's maddening.

I don't know what else to say about it. It's horrible. It shouldn't have happened. It's disgusting. And tonight, I'm singing for them. For little Juliet who adores Spectre so much. For quiet Belle. For gorgeous Jubilee. For the Waterhouse sisters who all came out alive, but have a lot of healing to do. For my little brother and for Lydia and Zoe Kemp and for all the rest of them too.

I hope people remember this. Because just maybe, if they do, it won't happen again.

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