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Fanfiction RULES!!

Okay so I found this Spectre fanfiction thing which is like 217542 chapters long. It's Awesome. Highlights include me moonlighting as a stripper (I have no clue why...), Joasia being an undercover detective who is only pretending to be married. Her keyboard skillz are real though. She's detecting Spectre's boyfriend, Ash, who she suspects is really a criminal mastermind. Which is SO is yo. And Quinn is his sidekick. No really. They have hot sex in their HiDeOuT, and then Spectre and Flynn find out and get angry and have hot revenge sex OMG and I walk in and there's a threesome. And I feel like saying "THAT'S NOT THE THREESOME I'M A PART OF, THANKS!!" Tooooo many penises. Anyway, Timothy is like Spectre's bodyguard so he and Thomas/Ash totally throwdown when Joasia reveals he's a mastermind with criminal intent, and I wasn't there at that point because I was stripping. And so Quinn kidnaps me and holds me for ransom so Timothy will give Ash/Thomas up. And then Spectre falls in love with the Blatant Self Insertion Character of the Millenium. Who is a GIRL, mind you. Named Anne. She has a mysterious past. See, she is really this daughter of the richest family in Scotland but she's run away because she just wants A NoRmAl LiFe!1!!! And she has curves in all the right places! And she is all alone in the world now and she goes to his concert and he sees her across the crowd and he jumps off stage and they snog. And Flynn broods hardcore because he lost his revenge shag. Oh BTW the ransom was paid and I was fine, thank goodness! I have no idea what Ash/Thomas is cooking up next!! Probably something he and his spandex-wearing sidekick Quinn can do to bring Spectre back but Spectre and Anne's love is PURE, yo!! It WILL SURVIVE!

It's brilliant. Songfic!! *loves*
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