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To Those in the Know

I'm at Mam and Finian's!! Baby stuff is EVERYWHERE! And it's great. Mam got out all these old pictures and it weirded me out because I AM IN THEM. I was 5 when she left so sometimes I sort of...forget. Forget there was this part of my life before now that she was a part of. She's always been that absent one...she isn't anymore.

So I'm sharing these before dinner.

This one is actually a self-portrait she took with a timer. All herself. Fuckin'...talented people...

Finian with Moira. OMG *dies* Just LOOK AT THEM!

Yeah. Me. Don't I look thrilled!?

That's better...

Heh. Ballooooonnnsss. I so don't remember any of this M'Kay.

I remember this!!! I kicked Spectre's arse!!

And because I think they deserve it...a special 'card'

Love you all!!

Off to Christmas Dinner!
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