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Official...kind of...News!

Hi, one and all!!

It's good to be home for the holiday break before heading out on leg two of the tour! I missed my girls and my little sister has gotten so big since the London concert, I swear!

Good news on the property front! The house in Aberdeenshire sold quite quickly. The paperwork is just being finalised, and once it is, all the proceeds from that are going to the victims of the tragedy in Rome and their families.

And further to that...the person who bought it (as if I ever had any doubt) is my good friend Peter. He's planning on knocking the house down (it's a terrible place full of...bad...) and then he wants to divide up the land, as there's a lot of it. He's going to sell most of the land for people to build on or to the community planning department so affordable housing can be built on it. And then he's going to use the proceeds of that land sale to open up a shelter for battered and homeless families and children, to partner the one his sister runs here in London.

Do I know the best people or like what?!

I hope you all have a very Merry Christmas. ♥ And a shout out to Geordie, Merry and Ellie. Spectre and I had a lovely time meeting you. Thank you for the warm welcome home!
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