Deirdre Ionúin Gallagher (deirdre_ionuin) wrote,
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Filtered to Kait, Peter, Pierre, David, Spectre, Thomas, Stephie, Evey, Tasha, Scarlett, Nancy


Renee's spending time with Ry AGAIN. AGAIN. Just like she did last night. And the night be-fucking-fore. AND AND AND. And ALL THE FUCKING TIME BECAUSE WHEN SHE'S NOT THERE HE'S HERE OR AT UNI OR GRARGH FUCK OOOFFFFFFFFFFFFFF!

I AM LEAVING ON TOUR! ON MONDAY!!!!! I want to SEE my girlfriend before I go. Goddammit. He'll still fuckin' BE here when I'm gone. But guess who won't be? Uhm. ME?! FOR A LONG TIME!

Does she not love me anymore? No, that's dumb. I know she does. But I miss her. Ry has his OWN girlfriend, who he's too stupid to try and be with AND I WISH I COULD KICK HIM FOR THAT TOO!

I am going to BURN that goddamn bookcase, I swear to fucking god.

And I can't even be all upset at her because, bless her, she's trying to help. KJFGUAGDUGAWFGWP!!!!!!!!
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