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Today is Friday the 13th. I skipped school. Me! Who would have thought!?

We took a tour of haunted London. Well, we MADE a tour, since we wanted to go to the places ourselves. I don't know why two people that live in a haunted house decided to go seek out more haunted places, but we did. Pierre was fascinated! We went to Berekely Square and the tower of London and we walked past about 4 haunted palaces. We went into the old Queen's head Pub and into a church. I am SO not talinig about THAT experience. Why is it that the living are so much ruder than the dead?

Anyway, we ended the experience with the British Museum. We were going to see the cursed mummy case. But I couldn't even enter the room. I felt so sick when I even got close to it, so I had to stay out. Every time I thought it might be alright, and I decided to go in again, I took about 4 steps and felt sick again. Like I'd never be happy again. It was terrible. Renee and Pierre felt something evil in there too, but it didn't affect them. I hope I don't die because of a cursed mummy case! I would be very put out!

Anyway, we were going to watch lots of scary movies, but Pierre and Renee are talking about something. Maybe I should look up information on that mummy case? It'd be interesting.

I skipped school!!! I AM a rebel!

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