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I HATE BEING A TEENAGER! I am so emo sometimes, good LORD. "Wah the world sucks and everyone hates me wah wah wah blah poo"

Anyway...not emo any more. For the time being anyway *fingers crossed* Tonight is PIZZA NIGHT and then tomorrow I get to be Hero for the first time. I'm making Peter come because I'm like that. And if Aly's feeling okay, she's going to come too. Don't worry, Peter, I made sure my mam's coming this weekend, so you're well safe.

I want to post pictures to make myself feel better, but I'm too lazy. How pathetic is that. If you're waiting for the tour pictures from the last week though, there aren't any. Sorry. I have my reasons :P I posted tonnes from the weeks before, enjoy them!!

Anyway, I have to go shopping for a gigantoid load of pizza toppings and a shiteload of booze!! Oh and Spectre, Abby and Jax are about to get some smiley face muffins :D


This is actually from the first week because I REALLY didn't take any the last week. I didn't post this one though. But look. Hand moving so fast it can't be seen. Uhm. Yes. O_O

Aaaand this is what a director and his lighting coordinator do backstage when they THINK no one's watching. Uh huh. DRINKING ON THE JOB, DAVID?! Or just wishing he was ;) Maybe it was Maree pushing him to it!
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