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Friends Only

Back. I miss Adrian :( He's like a cute little pet. Aww. Nottingham was okay. I reckon I could be okay there now. Now that I know I can do it. It was just the first time, and...magoo.

BUT, I'm home now, though taking a break from performing tonight. I'm going to sit in the audience and be wowed by my amazing coworkers. Because that's what they do. And after that, I'm going to sex up the star! Muahhahaa! So, sometime this week I want to have a nice quiet night in for my housemates and friends. Sound good? Tonight, however (after the sex) I have a feeling I'll be busy. Things to do.


EDIT For Abby...well..and any other Thomas picturelovers.

We were being all Black and White and Meaningful. It's that or dress as Batpeople and get chased by Teletubbies.

See now he's being all meaningful. On stairs.

Right. Guh. Abby, your family has some fine genetics at work. I'm just sayin'!

And uh...well there he's just happy to be in the James Bond car, even if Peter DID put him in the back...heh.

Anyway. I thought you might like to see them.
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