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I would like to state for the record that a bunch of men got me off the wall drunkfaced last night. Which men? Well here's one. Naughty Swedish drummerman!! "Drink with me Dee-Duh-Ree! Here, you have this Heine, I want your biscuits!" So we got schnockered in Wales. Well I don't know if Spectre did, but I think I drank enough for both of us and informed everyone rather loudly how I could SO hold my alcohol and did you know I'm a pirate?!

Oy. So we're in Birmingham now! Tomorrow we'll be in Glasgow! I have a headache. Dammit. But look how cute! He's like a little pet. I SO want to keep him!

Incidently, I SO love this man.

That's a lot of manlove for me.... I LOVE RENEE AND KAITIE!
Tags: picspam, touring
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