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Filtered Post so only Jude, Jack, Jake and Avery can see

Something IS wrong. Renee keeps saying that it must be that I miss my mother. Which, sure, that's probably true. But that's not what feels off. It's her. There is something going on with her that she isn't telling me. I keep asking and she assures me that she's fine. It happened after Christmas. Before my mam came. She started acting very funny. She has gotten better over the past week or so, but there is still something wrong, I am sure of it. I wish she'd just talk to me. She keeps reassuring me that everything is fine and that she'll always be here for me. But I'm not so sure.

Her best friend is visiting from France in a few days. He's adorable and wonderful, but I wonder if he doesn't have something to do with it. He calls and she talks to him in French. I used to think it was just because Pierre doesn't speak English as well as Renee does, but sometimes she glances at me. Like she's afraid I'll understand what she's saying. I think she's doing it because she doesn't want me to know what she's saying to him. That's fine. He's her best friend. But at a time when I know something's wrong, it's not helping anything.

ARGH it's so frustrating because I am trying to not have it get in the way of anything.

Anyway, sorry to bother you, I just needed to vent.
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