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Friends Only

Renee and I fondled Thomas!!!

My mother has the worst wedding dress ever. I'll post a pic soon. But it's...horrifying. She should be like Aly. GO FOR BLACK, MAM! But no, it has to be ivory. WTF ew. Mam your hair...ivory....just NO.

Besides, she looks like a damn CLAM in it. Caitlin the Bridal Clam. Well, whatever makes her happy. HAHHAHAH Happy as a clam!!

God I suck. Anyway, we're trying to decide what show to do next at the theatre (I know Much Ado isn't playing yet, hush) and I'm used to just being told these things. It caught me off guard when Shawn asked me what I wanted to do. I was like "Uh...oh....:|" SO...what do you all think?

I hope my mother doesn't get ME a dress that makes me look like a clam. OH GOD...or an oyster! GIANT DEEP SEA BOOGERS!!!

Just no.
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