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Today sucked. They induced Aly's labour because she was sick and they thought having the baby would lessen the stress on her body. Except she had a fucking HEART ATTACK on the birthing...table..thing. They had to get the baby out with a C-section and they had to use those shocker thingys to make Aly stop dying. Which she did eventually, by the way. But she was real damn stubborn about it. And now she's all unconscious in the fucking hospital and she can't even see the son she nearly died to deliver because they want to keep her under to make sure she doesn't need open fucking heart surgery. The good news is that if she DOES, they say everything should be fine.

I'm still really fucking pissed off. Why did this have to happen. Aly's an amazing mother and she and Peter so don't deserve this. Neither do those kids. And Peter gets to bring baby Thomas home tomorrow (he is SO cute, by the way. I think Jacinta look like 9365863 pictures.) but he has to do it all alone.

Yeah so...really glad I'm staying here right now. Zombie!Peter wasn't allowed to stay at the hospital so he's here walking around like O_O.

This world. It makes me weep.
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