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So, Renee and I went shopping. It's freezing outside! Anyway, I had NO idea what to get Caitlin (Mam) for Christmas.

I got her a candle.

I suck.

But she's a Free Spirit. She is an Artiste. With an E. And a Beret! Okay, not so much a beret. That's Renee. Okay, not her either. I wish I had a Beret.

So yes, Free Spirit Artiste Caitlin is now one candle richer. At least it's a big candle. Maybe I should have gotten her a candle holder. Or something NOT a candle!

Why is it so hard to buy my own mother a present? Oh yes. Because I hardly know the woman. Oh and guess what!? She's staying HERE. She heard Father moved to the US and she is going to stay here for a few days and make sure I am okay. I DO remember telling her this information when it happened but apparently Free Spirits do not recall important things that Spawn of Free Spirits tell them.

The Universe is just SO funny I could die laughing. Or maybe just die.

And Renee is all excited to meet her since they were supposed to meet before and then my mother didn't come. I was SO SHOCKED! She keeps telling me to calm down. Perhaps she has a point. A very good one.

Or maybe I should just start drinking strawberry champagne cocktails NOW so I am cuntoxed by the time she gets here. Then I'll be relaxed.

I can't believe I just said 'cuntoxed'. Maybe Renee slipped me some alcohol already.

I am going to go watch Robson Green until I fall asleep, or She gets here. Whichever comes first.

At least I stopped holding my breath about such things when I was 7.

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